Voters in Firth Park have disclosed their views on who they will pick to represent them in Parliament in next year’s general election.

Some of the younger generation haven’t decided and expressed their indifference to the politics, whereas people aged from 40 to 80 show their strong point of views on their backing parties.

Brian Perrozzi, 80, one of the volunteers in Firth park community said: “ Firstly, I normally have been a Labour supporter for my whole life, but because of the Brexit referendum, I want to make sure we will leave with a deal.

“For that reason, I am backing Boris Johnson, so it can continue the process—get out of Europe and lead us to a good future.

“Whether conservative stay in or other parties get in, I am not bothered, but if we can get out of Europe which the referendum voted for, I would be happy.” Brian added.

Lee McJinty, 43, said: “ I will definitely support the Labour party because Labour stand for our working class people.”


Meanwhile, Janet Ambler, 72, said: “Labour will definitely provide us a fair place to live and protect our NHS.

“I just feel Jeremy Corbyn can really make a difference.

“They just stand for more things I believe in.” She added.

Sophia Robinson, 52, said: “I won’t vote because I don’t trust any of the parties.”