More than hundred years old traditional Maypole is brought back to Firth Park’s Christmas “Fayre”.

The Maypole is a tall wooden pole with white and red, green and yellow ribbons on it. The Maypole dance is a UK tradition and used to be conducted in summer festivals and celebrate the fertility and good crops.

Penny Rea, Firth Park community volunteer, brings the Maypole into the Christmas winter to warm up and combine the families and communities together.

Ms Rea said: “I’ve started to teach it so that people get to understand it and it’s just a fun thing people can normally do in the summer, but we’ve decided to do it in the winter as well.

“A lot of our Christmas carols are originally dance, we can do it with Christmas music, but we also use the modern music and children really enjoy it.

“We add some small lights at the top and on the ribbons, so when it gets dark, the Maypole will be illuminated.

“It’s not only for children to enjoy, but also an activity for all families and all ages, it’s really good to the family because you have to work together.”

Two very young children tried to do the Maypole and they said the activity is “fun” and they would enjoy it more in summer because “winter is too cold” actually.