Conservative candidate for Brightside and Hillsborough says she wants immigrants that are “already here to feel welcomed and valued”, after proposal of new Australian-style points based immigration system.

Certain wards in Brightside and Hillsborough are home to over 30 different languages leaving potential for some voters to feel ostracised, but Hannah Westropp said the proposed changes to the immigration system will make it “more fair and compassionate for those wanting to come to our shores in future, but ensuring we bring the right skills and keep our country safe.”

This is the first time Ms Westropp has stood for election in Brightside and Hillsborough.

She said: “If I’m fortunate enough to be elected as the MP for Brightside and Hillsborough I will make sure that I am available for constituents when they need me and I will take the time to find out how I can do more for individuals and businesses within the constituency during my term.

“I will ensure that I work with my Conservative colleagues to break the deadlock in Parliament so that our country can stop the chaos, end the uncertainty and unleash Britain’s potential which will benefit us all.”

The Conservative Brexit plan is to put Boris Johnson’s deal through parliament before Christmas, with the ultimate goal of leaving the European Union in January 2020.

Ms Westropp said: “It’s possible that we will receive more votes here than previous years, the constituency voted to leave, although not by a huge margin.

“Like many of them, I also voted to leave and support the Prime Minister in getting Brexit done because we need to move on, although we shouldn’t discount the support that the Brexit party may get in the area.”

Ms Westropp believes that in order to tackle carbon emissions in Sheffield, we need to start taking advantage of clean technologies, as part of the Conservative plan to reach net zero emissions nationally by 2050.

She said: “As Conservatives, we have always cared deeply about our environment.

“It was under our party that the UK became one of the first countries to call for global action on climate change and since then we have taken a lead on the world stage.

“We have already reduced emissions by a quarter since 2010 and boosted renewables to record levels but we know we have more to do and we will put climate change at the heart of the Conservative agenda.”

The Conservative candidate admitted that we’re in a phase of declining trust for politicians, she said: “I am not surprised, given the confusion, delays and indecision that we have seen over the last two years that people are losing trust in politicians.

“That is the main reason why we are now facing an election in the depths of winter, which would not have been anyone’s choice if we had one.

“I, along with all of the other Conservative candidates in this election, have pledged to support the Prime Minister in getting Brexit done.

“If I am elected I will honour that pledge which will help to break the deadlock that Parliament has been facing so that everyone can move on to deal with the issues closer to home that are affecting people day to day.”

Higher levels of employment and “unleashing Britain’s potential” are at the heart of the Tory manifesto, with claims that since their election in 2010 they have helped 1,000 people into work on average every day.

However, as of 2012 the unemployment rate in Brightside and Hillsborough stood at 7.6 percent, the highest of all five Sheffield constituencies and higher than the national average.

Ms Westropp said: “I would like to see that everyone who would like to get in or back into work has a way of making that happen, whether through local business support or mentoring schemes.

“As well as knowing how to access any help that they can on that front to give families economic stability and certainty so that they can plan for their future.”