Burngreave Messenger announced that it will receive two years of extra funding from the national lottery fund to continue running the paper, both in print and online.

Richard Belbin, Editor of the Burngreave Messenger, said: “It’s incredibly helpful that we’ll be able to continue publishing positive news about the area because we do feel that there is generally quite a negative press coverage about Burngreave.

“Without the lottery, we almost definitely would have closed so it’s a real life line for us.”

The paper has generally received positive feedback from its readers.

“People always say they find it really useful just to find out what’s going on and not just getting news from their immediate friends and neighbours,” Mr Belbin said.

“The paper also helps them get involved in community activities,” he adds.

They are now looking for extra money this year from to cover printing and delivery costs.

“I first started here almost 20 years ago not long after I moved to Burngreave. Working on the paper has given me a real connection to the area,” Mr Belbin said.

“When I started, it was a great way to get to know what was actually happening here and who the people were. Writing for the paper has helped me become more involved and play a part in the community, I suppose.”

In the past, the funding was used to pay the salaries of three staff members. However, Burngreave Messenger is transitioning to be more volunteer-led to cover office costs.

The local paper is also exploring ideas to increase its income by reaching out to other funding organisations or allowing advertising.

If you’d like to get involved, contact the Burngreave Messenger at 0114 242 0564 or email them at mail@burngreavemessenger.org.