Another six miles is to be unveiled to the Upper Don Walk, in a further effort to connect the northern parts of Sheffield with the city centre, to make the much large Upper Don Trail.

The pathway aims to connect areas, like Hillsborough and Beeley Woods, with the city centre by extending the already in place Upper Don Walk and serve as one long route for people living in these areas.

On top of the Upper Don Walk, the route will consist of the Five Weirs Walk, Trans Pennine trail,  Steel Valley Project, Park Wood Springs, and Wardsend Cemetery.

New developments along the riverside will make it more accessible to the public and enable a fast and safe way of travelling through the city.

Bob Johnson, Transport & Development Cabinet Member and Hillsborough Local Councilor, said: “Here is an opportunity to link a great route to thousands of families who live in Hillsborough and Wadsley.”

Some Hillsborough residents think the Upper Don Trail is a great idea for local people, but some of them are worried about the relaunch of the Upper Don Walk, Janet Chamberlain said: “I’ve never heard of the Upper Don Walk, so it’s not well advertised.

“Relaunching is a good idea. I hope it’s signed well in the locality, so people are aware of it.

“I reckon it’ll be well-used, as long as it is also well maintained.”

However, Director of the Upper Don Walk Trust, Tony Canning, responded to worrying concerns by saying: “Over the past four years, it’s been quiet as it’s only a Facebook page.

“We’ve been working this for few years to put this back together and now we get the chance to extend it to move forward.”

The six miles long Upper Don Walk will be relaunched as a part of the whole trail to better reflect its intended use for all forms of active travel and the pathway will be open to people who enjoy walking, cycling and running.

Dame Sarah Storey, Sheffield City Region Active Travel Commisioner, said: “I believe that the active travel is a solution to many of the challenges we are facing in the modern society and help to create a happy and healthy population.”