Parson Cross Forum hosted Sheffield’s first ever drag show held by a community centre last week.

Miss Candy Floss, played by Nick James, delighted the elderly community of Parson Cross with live song performances, comedy skits and over eight costume changes.

Louis Askew, who runs Parson Cross Forum, said: “Most of these shows are done at night time, so it’s not very often we can do afternoon events like drag shows for the elderly community.

“We didn’t actually know what kind of interest we were going to get when we first announced the drag show. I’ve been so excited because we got such a good response about people who want to come along.”

Mr James’s production team included his mother, who worked backstage, as well as his father, who was in charge of lights and sounds. His mother also performed several songs with him during the show.

“It just shows that, even though a lot of people here are older, they still want to come along and enjoy newer things that we’re doing nowadays like drag shows,” Ms Askew added.

Parson Cross Forum is branching out from the typical ‘bingo-style’ community centre by providing more modern-style events for its elderly members.

One of the events they are running include “Grandma, Remember Me?”, a play about dementia to be performed by AZ2B Theatre Company from Cornwall in mid-January next year. 

Due to its positive response, the community centre plans to do a second drag show within the next few months.