Punk 4 the Homeless event was held Friday night at the Bay Horse Inn here in Sheffield and will appear all over the country with the aim to help raise money for street children.

Eagle Spite, who used to be a community psychiatric nurse, and is now one of organiser of the event said: “Nobody funded the events, all the bands performed for free and every workers are volunteers.” 

“There are not too much obstacles while I it as I’ve been promoting gigs for over 30 years. We believe it is a good way to raising the money and awareness for street children.” She added.

By holding the Punk 4 the Homeless in Sheffield, Nottingham and other cities across England, Eagle and other volunteers believe they could support the Compass Children’s Charity, which mission is to develop collaborative partnerships that promote a positive and measurable impact on the lives of at-risk children and adolescents.

Since 2018, the group has held over 40 gigs.

Carolyn Little, the manager at the Bay Horse Inn said: “The event is really exciting and everyone is really enjoying it.

“Bands come, they play for free, they put foods on, donation base and things like that. It’s not all really loud punk, but it’s enough punk for us.

“All in all to say, it’s a really pleasant evening, lovely music and lovely people.”

Their next event will be hold in 14th December at the same location on Pitsmoor road in Sheffield, if you want to join or help, please contact them through their Facebook page—Punk 4 the Homeless.