A community group are providing free meals to the homeless and needy in Sheffield.

As-Salaam Food Bank gives out home cooked meals and fresh pastries and fruit as well as hot and cold drinks.

Serving around 130 people at a time, the food is usually gone withing ten minutes.

Mohammed Shafiq who founded the project said: “We ask them week to week what they want, shepherds pie, lasagne whatever they want.

“The happiness and appreciation you see on people’s faces you can’t describe.”

The project also provides food parcels to people in need in the S4, S5 and S9 areas.

Referrals often come from the council or health visitors.

Mohammed said: “Again, we ask people what they want, everyone is different, for example someone might need fresh meat, vegetables, nappies or baby milk, we deliver food parcels to them in their own homes.”

Mohammed credits the community of people involved with the project.  People in the Darnall area help with donations and preparing and cooking food.  Children also help out with distribution, including his own two sons Rayhaan, 8, and Uthman, 6.

“We teach the children to raise money for other charities, currently the children have raised around £1500 for the Children’s Hospital.

“The children learn that we are not just here to benefit from these places but that we have to show appreciation and give something back to them.” he said.

Their next fundraiser is for Weston Park Hospital.

As-Salaam Food Bank will be out every Saturday on King Street at 5.30pm throughout winter.