Just over three years ago, Tommy Frank quit his job as a labourer to pursue a career as a professional boxer. Now, as he approaches his thirteenth professional fight, Tommy said he’s living the life he was dreaming of when he was working on building sites.

The 26-year-old will be fighting for the International Boxing Organization Inter-Continental Fly Title, in his home city of Sheffield on the 29th November, where he will face Mexican boxer Martin Tecuapetla.

With 12 wins in as many fights, ‘Super’ Tommy has progressed a long way since he first walked into Sheffield Boxing Centre in Hillsborough when he was 12 years old.

Tommy said: “I’ve never trained at another gym in my life. With SBC being an amateur and professional gym, I’ve not had to go anywhere so I’ve always been with the same team and that’s something I’m very proud of.

“My cousin, Ricky Frank, used to box for Sheffield Boxing Centre and I used to go to my uncle’s and watch old Mike Tyson videos.

“At that age, I probably didn’t fancy getting hit in the face and I wasn’t tough enough but something about it got me really interested in it. From then on that’s all I wanted to do.”

After 45 amateur fights with the centre, Tommy decided it was time to progress and go after a professional career. Fast forward to 20 September this year when the steel city boxer won his most recent fight against Thai boxer, Aran Dipaen, and he is only looking to improve.

He said: “In all honesty, after the fight, I was a bit down. I thought it was a terrible performance, for me it wasn’t the performance that I wanted from myself.

“I’m happy it happened the way it did, the guy was tough and he hit very hard, if I had lost my head in that fight I think I would’ve lost it. But having a fight like that is only going to be good preparation for the future and for the next one.”

Next Friday, Tommy will be on to the ‘next one’ he speaks about. The young boxer will be at Ponds Forge once again hoping to continue his winning form and secure another belt.

He said: “I’m looking forward to this next fight, I’m looking to put in a good performance to right that wrong in my own mind.

“The guy has fought at world level before, he’s challenged for the world title, been in the ring with former champions and he’s definitely been at the top level so he’s going to see this one as a big opportunity.

“He’s going to be disappointed. It’s going to have to be my night again I’m afraid but I’m sure he’ll put up a good fight and we will see what it’s like on the night.

Tommy currently holds three title belts, including the Commonwealth Super Fly Title which he won in March when he defeated Luke Wilton and he is confident of getting another before Christmas.

“My fiancé is going to be fuming because they’re going to be all over this house.”

This will be Tommy’s eleventh professional fight in his home town and his seventh at Ponds Forge, with his other two fights taking place in Rotherham’s Magna Centre and Premier Banqueting Suite in Leeds.

He said: “Obviously the Sheffield people and all the people that buy tickets to support me I’m so grateful to them, because without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

“With their backing it really pushes me all the way and that’s why I want to win these belts and win these fights which will lead on to bigger belts and bigger fights and I want to bring those fans with me.”

“Ultimately, I want to take these Sheffield people to Vegas, that’s where we want to be eventually.”

Whether it’s Vegas or Sheffield, Tommy Frank is a name we will be seeing more of and his desire for bigger and better convinces me of that.

Tommy said: “I leave it up to my team in what direction they put me in, I’m open to fight anyone. If someone rang and offered me a world title shot or if they offered me a British title shot I’d take it with both hands. As a fighter I want to fight and I want to fight the best.

“I trust them to pick the opponents, I just beat whoever gets put in front of me.”

The fight will be live on Freesports (Freeview 64; Sky 422; Virgin 553; Freesat 252; TalkTalk 64; BT 64) where he will be co-headlining alongside Barnsley’s Josh Wale, who faces Felix Williams for the IBO International Featherweight title.