Sheffield City Council has launched a new proposal for a new, open access and off-road community bike park based in Hillsborough Park.

This project will be supported by Access Sport and Sheffield Hallam University to help energise youth and provide inclusive cycling in Sheffield.

Luke Wilson, a spokesman from Sheffield City Council Parks & Countryside Service, said: “This two-year programme will create a new community cycling club run by a workforce of local coaches, volunteers and young leaders and build a brand-new community cycling facility.

“We aim to reach at least 1000 people through a community outreach programme with local schools, pupil referral units and special schools to engage the most inactive, at-risk and underrepresented people.”

Different bike tracks will be accessible for all abilities, including beginners, experts and disabled riders in the park.

The partnership provides a great opportunity to raise the quality of Hillsborough Park and providing a fun and healthy recreational facility which can be used by all ages and abilities.

Steph Walters, the project delivery manager of Access Sport, said: “Sheffield Council has an ambitious Whole City Plan for cycling in Sheffield to have a cycling pathway from local community cycling through to elite. There was a real synergy with what the council was trying to achieve that fitted in well with the ethos of our cycling inclusion work.”

Access Sport will donate at least £130,000 of investment, including £50,000 of capital funding for the facility and £20,000 investment to develop the community club.

It seems Hillsborough residents are in favour of this new project. Clair Webster said: “It’s a great idea and very welcome Hillsborough park is a lovely park for parents to take children and this would be a great addition.”

Joanne Davy also supports this idea: “I think it’s a fab idea, forward thinking about what people in suburbs want,” she said.

However, some residents they insist they would be happier to see the City Council finishing the repair work rather than launching a new project in the park. Emma McNally said: “Given the state of the other amenities in the park, I personally would prefer to see these fixed first, especially the children’s play area.”

The proposal survey is available online. All residents are welcomed to leave their opinion here: