An award winning Sheffield writer has launched his film-making career, with a feature-length documentary about the River Don.

Novelist Paul Adam, wrote and directed his new film ‘Quiet Flows the Don’, as an homage to his home river, “I live in Sheffield, I grew up here so I’ve always been interested in the industrial history of the Don.” he said.

“It’s not just a river, it’s actually been a power source for the past 400 years. It gives you a lot of the background to why Sheffield became the steel, tool and cutlery capital of the world.” Adam continued.

The documentary follows his journey along the river, from its’ source in the Pennines, to its’ mouth in Goole.

He explores the Don’s huge environmental transformation, from one of the dirtiest, most polluted rivers in Europe; to a river so clean that it will soon be home to salmon for the first time in 200 years.

According to Adam, “It became very, very dirty, almost lifeless. It was purely down to the industry dumping stuff in the river.”

The film takes the viewer along a guided tour of the historical landmarks on the River Don’s course, and shows Adam in conversation with people that live and work there.

He filmed the now somewhat ironically named feature-length last year, he said: “When I filmed in Fish Lake last summer, you can see the River Don is probably 100 metres from the village. Yet you watch the footage on the news now and the whole village is flooded.”

“It just shows how changeable rivers are, what I saw last summer was this benign, gentle river, and now it’s turned into this ferocious, raging torrent.”

Quiet Flows the Don is screening at the Showroom tomorrow at 6pm, followed by a Q&A with Paul Adam. Buy your tickets here: