A brand-new series set in Sheffield, ‘THE BENCH’ is available to watch online from today.

The seven-part original, is CK Goldiing’s second unscripted project after his acclaimed film 61 Hugs, which saw him asking passers-by for a hug and capturing their responses.

What started out as a one-hour interview quickly passed into three, with CK’s captivating dialogue making it pretty obvious why 61 Hugs was a success, but what about ‘THE BENCH’?

CK said: “I had an idea, what if I go out over seven evenings, sit on a bench asking passing strangers a different question each night, and invite them to sit with me and talk it out.

“I thought something really different and interesting could happen and who the universe brought me was completely out of my hands.”

On whether he was scared at all, of filming late at night and facing possible conflict or simple rejection he said: “It did scare me unquestionably but it’s the kind of fear I like because I will happily spend 15 hours producing something from it.”

A PR consultant and content creator from Walkley, CK added: “What do you do that makes time fly without even realising it? When you look back on those hours and think I loved everything I have just done, that’s kind of what happens when I’m creating, writing and producing content.”

I asked CK what he hoped people will get from the series and he said: “I can’t stress enough how much I prioritise entertainment over inspiration, everybody nowadays is trying to inspire and that’s fine and noble by the way, but just watch the series, have a laugh and a giggle, feel entertained and that’s it.

“Everyone’s a self-help expert now, I could easily position myself as a coach, but I am not interested because I was not put on this earth to be a coach or an expert in anything.

“I was put here to entertain, write, and create content that is different, dynamic and interest’s people.”

I asked him how does he know? He replied: “How do I know? Because there is nothing else I do as well although I do other things well, there’s nothing I do that makes me as alive, nothing even comes close.”

THE BENCH out now – who will speak to CK tonight?

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