A local group is holding free documentary screenings to promote an open discussion on inequality. 

Our Cultures, a Community Interest Company, is providing free screenings, called ‘Evenings on Inequality’, on the First Tuesday of every month. 

This is followed by an open discussion on inequality, revealing ‘facts not talked about in the mainstream’.

This November, Our Cultures is looking at looking at Portugal, a highly unequal country in the developed world.

Jozef Palguta, founder of Our Cultures, started the charity to reduce the friction between various cultures living in Sheffield.

Mr Palguta said: “Shortly after my studies of visual communication, I didn’t get a graphic design job straight away, so I joined the NHS community interpreting services, which helped me pay the bills.

“The work I did with minorities in Sheffield, as well as learning of the misunderstandings and unnecessary frictions they were going through on an everyday basis, made me think about how I could help to mitigate the negatives using my skills as a graphic designer.

“I realised that I can use the same form of visual communication to promote social cohesion and collaboration between cultures,” Mr Palguta said.

Our Cultures helps people from different countries to understand each other better by providing opportunities for cross-cultural interactions through a variety of mediums, including events, workshops, and both visual and verbal communication.

Mr Paguta said: “I hope that what we’re doing causes less stress, anger and friction and instead, foster more understanding and collaboration between people of different cultures and backgrounds, as well as increased quality of life and satisfaction,”

Our Cultures plans to change the theme of the film screening next year from learning about inequalities to local and national political systems.

“We want to help people to become more engaged with what is happening on the political scene,” Mr Palguta said. 

The screening takes place at the Welcome Centre, Sheffield S3 9AW from 6.15-9pm. To get tickets, click here: https://www.ourcultures.org/events/