Over 100 houses are taking part in the Streets of Light trail to celebrate the brighter side of Halloween.

Residents can participate by decorating a window and leaving the lights on or curtains open at night to reveal the display.

Helen Ward, Church Leader from the St. Thomas Crookes (STC) Community, said: “For many people, the week of Halloween is not associated with a positive community atmosphere.

“Many people in our neighbourhoods are scared to open their door. They also worry about ‘tricks’ being played on their homes.

To show your participation, any window must contain the words “light” or “love” written anywhere on the display.

“The Street of Light trail is about shining some love onto the streets of Sheffield as an alternative to the ‘darkness’ of Halloween.

“We want people to get involved and be part of bringing change and transformation to our communities – turning streets of darkness and fear into streets of light, love and hope.”

Sam Joss signed up her house to join the Streets of Light Trail. It’s the first time her family is taking part.

Ms Joss said: “It’s a really good idea to bring some light to Halloween and enjoy people’s window displays.”

She said the idea of their picture on the window was from a 14-year-old friend.

“She came up with the idea of the lights in the ocean and how they brings hope to sailors. She designed the whole thing. We named the picture as ‘At Last I See the light’, Ms Joss said.

The Street of Light is happening from 4.30-9pm from 28th October to 3rd November.

STC Community shared a interactive map which contains the location of all the signed-up houses here: http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/streets-of-light-2019_380297#13/53.3871/-1.5015.