Sheffield City Council plans to cut the speed limit from 30 to 20 miles per hour in Hillsborough early next year to try and reduce collisions and road injuries.

The ongoing scheme will be affecting a number of streets from Wadsley to Hillsborough Park.

Susie Pryor, Senior Transport Planner from Strategic Transport and Infrastructure said: “The key to substantially lowering speeds on residential roads is a fundamental shift in driver attitude. My aim is to build a community acceptance of 20mph as the maximum speed in residential areas.”

The new system will have speed limits enforced through traffic signs and road markings, unlike in the past where speed humps were used.

Ms Pryor said: “It will undoubtedly take time for people to alter long-established habits. But overtime, even a marginal reduction in average speeds will contribute to the creation of safer streets”

This proposal complies with the “Sheffield 20mph Speed Limit Strategy,” which started back in 2012.

The council also plans to continue rolling out this scheme in other areas.

A public consultation is currently being done in Hillsborough to further investigate this scheme.