Despite consultations with operators First, many Stannington bus users are still doubtful over future improvements to the service, calling them unreliable and “disgusting”.

The irregular and undependable buses in Stannington have long been an issue for local bus users.

As a result, Stannington Tenants and Residents Association (TARA) has organised consultation meetings with representatives from First where people can voice their concerns and ask any questions.

Brandon Jones, head of external relations at First, said: “Over the last year or so we have been in conversations about improving services and we have made some changes but there are still some more improvements to do. 

“The challenge is that we’re constantly making changes to reflect traffic conditions and the reality sometimes is that service reliability can sometimes be inconsistent. 

“If you’re living in Stannington and the bus service is reliable and is going to get you into Sheffield more quickly than driving your car, you’re going to switch and that’s the position we want to get to.”

However, some of those who attended the consultations remain cynical about any changes taking place. 

Frances Gill, 57, of Liberty Place, said: “It’s absolutely disgusting at the moment. I’ve come out of work at four o’clock and the 82 should’ve been due and I didn’t get on it until twenty to five. 

“I need to pick up my granddaughter from childcare and if I’m ten minutes late I still need to pay for that hour. If I had gotten on the bus when it was meant to come in, I would’ve been on time. 

“They just said they would let me know the feedback. I come to them all the time and it’s the same thing, nothing changes.”

Frances Gill says she’s had enough of unreliable bus services

Sheila Bradshaw, 87, of Park Hill said: “I think it’s about the drivers, I don’t think they want that job. 

“I’ve just gotten used to it now. I’ve lived in Stannington for about 70 odd years now and it was great before, even though not many people lived up here.”

Barbara Jessop, 70, of Hall Park Head: “I catch the 135 at Hillsborough once a week and that’s often missing and it only comes every hour so that’s even worse.

“I don’t think it’ll change. I think they’re doing the consultations to make it look like they’re doing something because we’ve been at it for over a year. 

“It’s just annoying. If you’ve got an appointment in town then you need to come up for two more buses than you need to.”

Barbara Jessop (left) and Sheila Bradshaw (right) say they don’t think the services will improve

Sheila Denton, 74, of Deer Park Road said: “I live across from the bus station but I have mobility problems so I can only walk so far but very often I’ve been stood at the bus stop and it just hasn’t shown up. 

“It’s very difficult to say [if the services will improve]. We’ll just have to wait and see.”