This ‘gnarly’ looking tree was the subject of conversation on social media earlier this week, sparking debates over its true meaning.

With well over a dozen pairs of trainers dangling from its branches, some people wondered if it was a street art installation made to add character to the area.

Some suggested that it was to memorialise someone that had died, while others believed that it was to mark territory where drug dealers operate.

Seizing the opportunity to get to the bottom of this, (and being intrigued), we spoke directly to The House Skatepark, where the tree is located, and asked them directly what it was all about.

‘John’ who works at the venue, which has become a Sheffield institution, said: “When we had our concrete bowl made back in 2014, someone got concrete all over their trainers so they threw them up into the tree and since then, others have followed, it has become a bit of a trend.”

The concrete bowl

So, that’s it then.

No ‘sketchy’ reason about gang boundaries, drunk students or the highest branches denoting criminal ranks.

Simply skateboarders ‘flipping tricks’ as ‘sick’ as usual.

As this comment on Urban Dictionary confirms: “skateboarders are often said to be druggies, but this is simply not true…True skateboarders have no use for drugs. It’s all about landing those tricks! landing a trick is the ultimate high.”

One ‘insane’ urban myth quashed…and no sign of Tony ‘Hawk’ in that tree (get it?)

So if you need to ‘tweak’ your ‘Barley grind’ and get ‘stoked’ on your ‘acid drops’ this half term, The House Skatepark is open Monday to Friday 11am – 9pm and costs £4 an hour or £10 for a full day per child.


The House Skatepark graffiti featuring Phlegm