The Sheffield based play ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ is returning to the city, but this time it’s preparing for the silver screen.

Making its debut in the Crucible theatre, before moving to London’s West End, the play was inspired by the documentary ‘Jamie: Drag Queen at 16’, which detailed the controversy of Jamie Campbell wearing a dress to school prom.

Now, with filming having started in July and continuing throughout the year, areas such as Deerlands Avenue in Parson Cross will be displayed in cinemas across the world when the film is released in 2020.

Sheffield has “thrown off the heavy industry shackles portraying the area as downtrodden and dusty”, according to Richard Knight, Product Liaison for Screen Yorkshire who location manages for the film.

“Global perception of Sheffield in terms of film is still ‘The Full Monty’ which focuses on unemployment and steelworkers. It is an amazing story, but it is now a bit of a bygone age”, Mr Knight continued.

“Jamie will be a piece of Sheffield’s cultural jigsaw, and cinemas all over the world will showcase the city as being the place where this cool, modern, multicultural story was conceived and filmed. That will be Jamie’s legacy.”

The film’s cast includes the Oscar nominated Richard E. Grant, BAFTA Television Award winning Sharon Horgan and Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire OBE. Taking the lead role of Jamie is Max Harwood.

Committing to the authenticity of this Sheffield production, Jonathon Butterell; a man born and raised in the Steel City, is directing the feature length.

Changing the city’s reputation is not the only positive the film is bringing to Sheffield according to Richard Knight. “The production team is willing to spend a good chunk of the budget locally on location fees, hotels and accommodation, car hire, taxis, food, drink and general leisurely activities.

“Warp (production company) also put a focus on local employment, so many local people will be working on this project, not just people brought up from London.”

Although the South Yorkshire city is paramount as the backdrop for this story, Richard believes it’s cinematic, visually interesting vistas will encourage directors from all over the UK to bring their projects to Sheffield.

“Now that London is so saturated, more projects are coming to Yorkshire and once Jamie comes out, other filmmakers will watch it and be inspired to come and film here.”