People from all over Sheffield took part in the annual Light Up the Hill event at upper Wincobank chapel on 15 October.

The event celebrates the unique setting of Wincobank Iron Age Hill Fort, and the notorious meeting of the rebel British leader Caratacus and Queen Cartimandua, recorded by the Roman Historian Tacitus.

James Smith, City Council member covering Wincobank Hill, said: “This is an exciting event, we got lots of people to join us this year. 

“The idea behind it is to get as many people involved in the event as possible, and to promote Wincobank Hill as a nice place to come to.”

The annual event, organised by Friends of Wincobank Hill and Sheffield City Council Woodland Team, hosted over 100 Sheffield locals.

David Green, member of Friends of Wincobank Hill, said: “ In a while, we will take a walk in the dark through Ancient Woodland and leading the children up to the edge hill fort.

“In order to help everyone, especially the kids, understand the history of the hill behind our community, we are going to present a play when we arrive the top.”

The Light up the Hill event brings people together from all age groups, everyone is invited to get involved with making the lanterns, watching the play and climbing to the top of Wincobank Hill.

Susan Crooked, who brought her young daughter to the event, said: “I’ve been coming to this event every year for a long time, it helps everyone understand the history of the hill behind us. 

“It’s part of our history, it’s the history of Britain, and I think it is important for children to learn the history of where they come from.”