A 10-year old from Walkley has taken it upon herself to give the neighbourhood’s birds a home as the colder months are creeping in. 

Faye Lee is hanging up new bird boxes in the trees around her house, after noticing that many of the existing bird boxes had been knocked down. 

“I just feel really sorry for the birds,” She said. 

“When people are kicking down the bird boxes, it just makes me angry and it’s like ‘Why would they do such a thing? It’s an animal’.

“It’s winter, it’s cold for us, and even though birds have feathers, they need somewhere to stay besides the ground.”

Faye has also been making her own bird feeders, by putting a mixture of seeds and lard in cups attached to strings and hanging them from branches. 

All the material has been bought with her own money.

Faye also believes that all life is important, no matter how small.

“They’re not people, but they’re like people.

“They’re basically the same, they just eat different, they can’t speak English or speak a word, they just have wings.”

Faye, who also enjoys playing football, dancing, and is part of the cadets, says that she has gotten a lot of support from her friends and those around her.

“When my friends come around to my house, we always come out here to just play and we pretend we have bird friends and that we can speak to the birds.

“My friends have been helping me quite a lot and we have been thinking about what I should do about the bird boxes.”